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How to distinguish the quality of adhesive strip

Release time:2018-08-29 10:46:50 Browse:851
Smell - ---------Odor is bigger in the factory. As time goes by, the volatilization of this component is faster, the sealing strip becomes hard and brittle quickly, which makes the adhesive strip shrink, loosen, fall off, easily crack and aging, and lose its sealing effect.
See - ---------This will happen.
Touch- --------- high quality tape appearance smooth, no serrated marks, no surface cracks, hand induction delicate, soft, no distortion, no sense of undulation. Poor quality products will feel rough to some extent, even crack.
Pull - ---------good adhesive strips are stretched without breaking, and can be restored quickly after bending. High fill seal strip strength is poor, ninety percent off crack, a pull will be broken.
Weighing- ---------that is to say, the same volume of sealing tape, high quality to clear, on the contrary, heavy, high quality EPDM tape with imported raw rubber, light weight, high degree of aging resistance. The products produced by reclaimed rubber are relatively large in proportion and poor in aging resistance.
Try - ---------on-site inspection, the rubber strip embedded between the profile and glass, check the rationality of the strip section shape and size suitability, to press the rubber strip is not difficult, but pull out the glass the greater the better.
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