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Noise reduction doors and windows purchase noise reduction and noise elimination

Release time:2018-08-27 14:43:37 Browse:832
Wall insulation is the top priority of the home quiet program, because the noise reduction effect obtained through wall insulation is the most obvious, and wall insulation effect depends on the noise reduction materials. Here are some of the main methods for selecting wall materials for noise reduction.

Noise reduction doors and windows purchase noise reduction and noise elimination

The selection of soundproof door: look at the filling of inner core.

There are three kinds of common sound insulation doors: core-filled sound insulation doors, outsourced sound insulation doors and fire-proof sound insulation doors. Different kinds of sound insulation doors have different inner core fillers and different sound insulation effects.

Purchase: it can be selected according to the material of inner core filler. The inner core filler is a general moulded sound insulation door with honeycomb structure paper base, and the airtight air layer formed by it can play a sound insulation role. How to save money for decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. The sound insulation performance of the door with Particleboard in the inner core is better. The sound insulation effect of the high quality particleboard door can reach 32 dB, which is obviously higher than the requirements of 22-25 dB stipulated by the state. Poor door plank, only in the hollow core with cardboard rough several partition, sound insulation effect will be very poor.

As for the relatively high price of solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, it depends on the density of the wood itself, weight and the thickness of the door plate to determine, the higher the density, heavy weight, door plate thickness of the door sound insulation effect is better.

Selection of soundproof windows: choose brands and see seals.

The soundproof window is a vacuum layer between two glass windows. Vacuum layer is the use of broken bridge structure design, and in the hollow part of the air extraction, to achieve a vacuum state, equivalent to cutting off the sound transmission path, so as to achieve sound insulation, silence effect.

Selection: Because the technical requirements of sound-proof windows and ordinary windows are quite different, first of all to choose a strong brand of products; secondly to see the quality of the sealant, sealant should choose soft elastic anti-aging materials. The quality of the sealing strip directly affects the sound insulation of the sound insulation window. In order to prevent the sound insulation window from leaking because of the crack, the sealing strip should be closed, and the four corners should not leave a gap.
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